Monday, January 17, 2011


Another New Year.
Another new set of utterly unreasonable promises to myself.
Another opportunity to wrestle unsuccessfully with guilt, failure and self-loathing.
But that's all for February. January is the time for Resolutions! Viva Pie In The Sky Viva!

1. Exercise three times a week. (Chances: 17%)
2. Eat healthily. (Chances: 23%)
3. Conquer all To Do lists. (Chances: 41%)
4. Write songs more regularly. (Chances: 75%)
5. Read all books bought in 2010. (Chances: 7%)
6. Don't buy a single book in 2011. (Chances: -78%)
7. Listen to all CD's purchased/ MP3's stolen in 2010. (Chances: impossible)
8. Be a polite, considerate driver. (Chances: 2%)
9. Be a better driver. (Chances: 0%)
10. Pay all traffic fines. (Chances: 9%)
11. Nap every afternoon. (Chances: 98%)
12. Write Oscar-winning theme song to 'Avatar 2'. (Chances: 0%)
13. Lose tummy, regain 6 pack. (Chances: see 2 above)
14. No chocolate! (Chances: -100%)
15. Stop picking nose. (Chances: 67%)
16. Reply to all email from 2010. (Chances: 34%)
17. Reconcile ANC with the DA. (Chances: 3%)
18. Ummmm...
19. Aahhh...


  1. what are the chances of you giving me guitar lessons?

  2. take your finger out your nose :)

  3. "When I try to "be who I am", I discover more of "who I have to be" (to be who I am). The best part is that's normally readily achievable, easier than "being who I am not".